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Gold Level Package

Our Gold level package provides your school with a helpline between the hours of 10:00 – 15:00.

There are three on site training delivery days. The first day is a mandatory whole school inset day covering Social Media in the Workplace, Social Media 101, e-Safety and Child Protection and a parents evening.

First Day - Session 1 - Social Media in the Workplace

A focus on personal use of social media within the context of school life, professional conducts and school reputation.

This module provides an overview of how personal use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube can adversely impact on an individual, their employment status and or the reputation of the school. Using case studies it provides contemporary examples of inappropriate use and guidelines for developing or improving appropriate use policies.

First Day - Session 2 – Social Media 101

This module provides an overview of contemporary social media platforms and current trends related to text, photo and video content. Focusing on the most popular platforms it provides a simple but detailed review of Privacy and safety settings and blocking and reporting options. The session is ideal for those individuals who are new to social networking or who require an update on current approaches to site/platform configuration options.

First Day - Session 3 – e-Safety & Child Protection

This session simplifies and explains the history and development of new media engagement with child protection issues. It reviews past practice and highlights emerging technologies, trends and themes, exposing both opportunities and risks. The module incorporates an introduction to digital homework partnerships between the school, child, parent or carer and provides information on signs and symptoms of Internet related abuse.

Second & Third Day Options

The two remaining on site training days should be selected from the following options:

Digital homework briefing day

  • A briefing and workshop day for ‘parental partnerships’
  • Exercises for children to do with parents at home
  • Based on contemporary issues and headlines

Social Media Policy Development

  • Building/Review and reconstruction of an Appropriate Use Policy
  • Constructing a Student Code of Online Conduct

Crisis Management in Schools

  • Planning and preparing for emergencies
  • Building crisis management teams
  • Creating emergency plans
  • Take the test – are your plans effective?

Managing Risk in schools overview

  • Understanding vetting and reference checks
  • Table top exercises

Managing Conflict in school

  • Managing Conflict in school

Specialist Occupational Health

  • Support for pastoral care and other relevant professionals
  • Specialist Occupational Health clinic

Media training

  • Reputation Management and the media
  • Senior management and key staff training day

Drug & Alcohol awareness

  • Understanding the signs of drug and alcohol abuse

And there's more... a bespoke App!

Your school will also receive access to Ineqe’s Application Based Learning Experience (ABLE) via a bespoke web app for pupils to undertake a Digital License before using school infrastructure and technology.

This web app will test the knowledge of pupils and staff on your policies, courses and required learning.

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