A briefing & skills development event for child protection professionals.
‘Making Children Safer Online: Emerging Threats’ is designed to keep teachers, social workers, police officers & other safeguarding practitioners who work with children & young people, up to date with current themes, trends & best practice.

Briefing & Skills Development:

  • Gaming: a parent’s perspective – the Breck Bednar case study
  • Grooming and negative influences in the context of gaming
  • Safer Gaming Practices (Industry safer by design approaches)
  • Sexting; identification, engaging children and support pathways
  • Sextortion; supporting victims, seeking help and managing aftercare
  • Workshops; interactive sessions involving discussion and decision making exercises
Throughout the UK & Ireland

London, 19th November 2015

Birmingham, 3rd December 2015

Belfast, 15th January 2016

Specialist Briefing

On online safety

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Lorin LaFave

Lorin LaFave from the Breck Bednar Foundation will place the event in a parent’s perspective. She will share her story with delegates to help them reflect on the realities some parents and carers face when their children begin to use the internet and form friendships there. She will reinforce the need to listen to parents and carers in times of crisis, and explain the lack of clarity and difficulties they face when trying to seek help.

Professor Andy Phippen

Professor of Social Responsibility in IT will reflect on how children and young people engage when using technology, specifically in the context of gaming. He will focus on prevention strategies beyond simple blocking and reporting, as well as considering other issues including, age appropriate games, access to and the influence of commercialised products and adverts.

UKIE - Dr Jo Twist

Chief Executive Officer of UK Internet Entertainment (UKIE), the only trade body for the UK’s games and wider interactive entertainment industry. Dr Twist will address safer gaming practices, including the work industry has done to make online gaming and the interactive entertainment environment safer for children and young people.

Laura Higgins

Online Safety Operations Manager for the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC). Laura will discuss Sexting, explaining what it is, place it in the context of young people’s lives – why young people become involved in it and critically, she will outline help and reporting pathways. She will also discuss the operation of the UKSIC helplines including the new Revenge Porn Helpline.

Jim Gamble QPM

Jim will discuss the challenges that children and young people, their parents/ carers and statutory authorities face when confronting online Sextortion. He will reflect on a number of contemporary cases and highlight strategies for supporting a child managing this type of crisis. He will then facilitate the h2b (how to be) Safer workshops.


The workshop is designed to help delegates reflect on what they have learned during the event, by considering a range of scenarios. During these interactive sessions, they will discuss key issues and identify the appropriate strategies to deal with them. This will include decision making exercises, focused on where, how and when to provide support.


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