Policy Building and Courses

Building an Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy

This two-day course is limited to no more than 9 teachers/staff per class. It has been designed to help schools develop their own Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy. Participants will develop an understanding of social media, its appropriate use and the key elements required to construct a bespoke policy for their school. Incorporating case studies and best practice examples it involves teachers/staff in workshops that mentor the construction of their policy.

Student Code of Conduct Seminar

This course involves a baseline online survey for students. It focuses on their hopes fears and expectations regarding oversight, guidance, advice and sanctions within school linked to the use of and access to technology and social media platforms. The survey is followed by ‘on-site’ workshops involving representative groups of students and teaching staff to negotiate a student code of conduct.

This course can be linked with Building an Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy.

Safer Social Networking Activity Pack (SSNAP) Workshop

The SSNAP workshop is designed for teachers, parents and children’s use. The workshop features a set of cards for users to interact with each other and to enable participants to consider a range of risks associated with the use of social media. The SSNAP workshops raise awareness but critically also involve participants in decision-making exercises.

This helps both novices and more experienced social networking users consider a range of risks and how they can be aggravated, reduced or avoided.

The workshop reinforces an understanding of unintended consequence and facilitates group discussion about bullying, grooming and self generated images, as well as focusing on friendship, support and where, when and from whom to seek help.

SSNAP is a simple yet innovative approach to facilitate offline learning about online risks.

Social Media for Young Beginners

This course is a classroom-based session and workshop, for those who are about to and have recently joined social networking platforms. This course is designed to raise young users awareness about some of the risks that they may face on some social media platforms. The workshops take them through safer social networking setups for Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Critically it highlights the following safety features:

Privacy – considerations when configuring your settings, who can see your posts, who can contact you, who can look you up and more

Blocking – how to block on Facebook and Twitter

Reporting – How to report to Facebook and Twitter.

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Managing Risk in Schools & Colleges

Planning and preparing for emergencies:

How do you prepare your staff to deal with a crisis? Whether it is an accidental, deliberate or natural occurrence, your ability to deal effectively with it will be greatly improved if you have laid the foundations for success before the event happens. This 1-day course has been designed to provide staff with strategies that help them identify, mitigate and manage critical incidents.

Building Crisis Management Teams:

This course has been designed to assist in the development of your crisis management team. It will help them identify potential crisis and manage actual events. The workshops and simulated exercises will create a heightened sense of awareness and sharpen the skills needed to effectively minimise an incidents impact. Key topics include communication and media management, decision making in a crisis and information flows.

Create emergency plans:

This overview course will guide you through the process of creating and/ or reviewing your emergency plans. It will help ensure they are coordinated with ‘first responders’ from the emergency services.

Test your emergency plans:

This on site module delivered in real time is designed to help you test and evaluate your crisis management procedures.


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